A Poem from Eastwick Road Church

A Poem from Eastwick Road Church

I have just eighty words- and as always loquacious

Th’ available count doesn’t seem awf’ly spacious,

However, I want to deliver a greeting:

Hello and God bless you, I hope we’ll be meeting.

At Eastwick Road Church I am newly in situ

Arranging new groups that have interests to fit you,

Like gardening, music and crafts for a start,

Then writing and laughing and sharing your heart;

All in the interests of bridging the link

Between church and community. What do you think?

If you’re middling of years* and enjoy cake and tea

With friends and skills new, then taste it and see…

To help or to be helped, whatever your call,

I know you will find that God welcomes us all.

For times and locations once lockdown’s lid’s blown

Look on our website or call me by phone: www.eastwickroadchurch.co.uk  or 07856 193871

Lesley Ormiston, Eastwick Road Church KT23 4BE


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