A Perfectly Packaged Picnic

The FoodSmith 

Having been a nanny for 5 years of my professional career I feel like I am qualified to have an opinion on this. The common picnic…

For many folks this is a slap-dash job, roll out the tin foil, clingfilm, tupperware boxes, with mismatch lids and arrive at the picnic to find rouge grapes rolling around at the bottom of the bag, soggy sandwiches and hummus that had somehow ended up in the middle of your mini rolls. I think most of you can tell that I am speaking from first hand experience on this matter.

For other folks this is an excuse to whip out the wicker basket with a tartan lining, that has built in plates as well as compartments for just about any utensil you might need to take to a picnic. The cashmere rug, that matches the interior of said picnic hamper, as well as a Mary Poppins style basket that somehow 4 unfolding chairs magically appear out of. Now I have nothing against such folks or their top of the line picnic utensils, however, they too face the predicament of how to transport the food to where it needs to be.

This week I found a solution for both parties who are proactive in picnicking, avid about alfresco dining, fanatic about fair weather feasting. This solution comes in the shape of The Foodsmith.

I was delivered a delightful package right to my front door on Monday evening, the day before a work picnic. The presentation of the package was delightful, the see through lid of the box made it clear what was included within the box that you had ordered. The colours and the variety of food included was the first thing I noticed, I almost had to sit on my hands all evening to stop myself from sampling before I got to the picnic.

The picnic finally arrived and I was able to take the lid off and have a look at exactly what was inside. This little box of wonders can only be described as a treasure trove of treats. Upon first glance you can only see the top layer, however the more you take out of the box the more goodies are exposed. All of the chutneys and spreads had their own individual pots and were packed so nice and neatly inside the box.

The portions of everything inside were generous and yet fitted perfectly into the neat container. All of the food was lovely and fresh and the flavours complimented each other very well. It was clear that thought had gone into which cheeses would work with the accompanying chutneys and crackers.

The presentation of the box was second to none, ranging from the delicate lemon tarts with flowers on the top, to the crackers that were packaged individually. The box had starters, mains and pudding all included in the same box, again another bonus for families and couples who do not wish to cart too much around with them.

With the summer holidays in full swing now, as well as all of the glorious weather we have been so blessed with, I can recommend you get in touch with The Foodsmith, they can take away all of the stress of what to pack in your picnic.

All you will have to do is find the perfect spot to enjoy your purchase in, which in our surroundings is not a tall order at all, and when you are finished indulging the box is compostable as well!

All of us here at VantagePoint HQ had a plateful, and we will be going back for seconds!

Get yours ordered now…

FB and Instagram: @thefoodsmithcaters

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