Coffee with a Life Coach

Coffee with a life coach.

I am an avid believer that most of the general public could benefit from a life coach, a counselor, a sponsor or all the above. The world is a fast paced, stressful rat race at times, and it can be very easy to overlook the moment of serenity and peace which can be rare and sparse to find at times, and continue with the list of “to do” bits swimming around in your brain, rather than appreciating and relaxing in those moments.

I recently heard that it was reported that most Mums had completed 90 jobs before the school run.

That is 90 jobs done before 8:30am. Its little wonder that we can all feel frazzled from time to time. Throughout my late teens and mid-twenties, I suffered with panic attacks, they were awful and frankly debilitating in a lot of ways. I found that through hypnotherapy and counselling I was able, after a few years, to control them at best I could.

A few weeks ago, I was at a networking event and I met Vicki. It was almost as if my mental state had not been 100% for the past few months and it needed a bit of a reboot.

***Enter Vicki*** We chatted for about 10 minutes, when I say chatted, I mean we laughed and took the mick out of one another. It was just what I needed.

We arranged to meet for a coffee, just so that we could continue the conversation. I found out that after a career in Head Hunting, Vicki had decided that she was going to make good use of her phycology degree that she had achieved and become a life and career coach.

There are a number of qualities that stand out to me with Vicki, but the main one is her ability not to take life too seriously, she is under no illusion that when people first go and see her they are tentative and timid, Vicki has an amazing sense of humor and is able to put people at ease in seconds.

Her compassion shines through the comedy as she understands that life can sometimes be challenging and when I was sat with her, I felt that all disappear. She was able to make me laugh uncontrollably whilst also listening intently to what I was saying to her, she also gave me some amazing life advice as well, all over one cup of coffee!

It really was refreshing to sit and chat with Vicki and be as honest as I was, without even realising I was doing it. She is a lady that has an ability to make you walk away from an encounter 5 feet taller than you walked in.

If anyone needs some help or advice with work, career or with yourself, I would recommend you get in touch with Vicki. I can’t wait to spend some more time with her!


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