Driveway Transformation

Duncan James Landscapes.

I like to be as organized as I can be, however sometimes things do slip through the net and become last minute jobs. I tend to find its always the bigger jobs that this applies to…I am working on it.

I found myself in this situation a few weeks ago. I was going off on holiday and my driveway was not big enough to park all the household cars on it. This is a problem when it is all restricted parking around where I live, and I didn’t fancy landing from holiday to find parking tickets clouding my windscreen!

The driveway where the cars are parked also used to have a hedge around the perimeter. I had that removed a couple of years ago to make more space, however where the roots of the hedge had been was now causing a pretty sharp drop off the concrete hard standing to the ground underneath it. Resulting in several warning lights flashing up on the dashboard about my tyre pressure due to the uneven surface of parking.

So now I have set the scene, I had to have my driveway, extended, levelled out and re-paved within a week to ensure it was done before I went on holiday. Case in point, a big job left to the last minute!

I had the absolute pleasure of having Duncan and his team come over and complete this job within 5 days. I met Duncan the morning that the work started, and he was so approachable and explained simply yet effectively what he was going to do for me over the next few days.

Duncan and his team worked so efficiently and on a couple of days Duncan’s wife, Rachel also came to help put, with a broken arm I may add, it just showed how hard this company work to get a job done for their clients. One of the days they were there, my mother, who lives across the road had a Tesco delivery, and she was unexpectedly called out. Duncan and Rachel were right on hand to offer to take in the delivery, it really was above and beyond customer service and a small gesture like that calmed my mum right down for the rest of the day.

The work was complete well within the time frame and the care and attention to detail of the project was beyond my wildest dreams! The stone they used compliment the aesthetics of my house so well, and it can now fit 2 cars on comfortably and 3 when we go away as a household.

The driveway was completed two weeks ago, and I have already had three people ask me where I got it done and it with GREAT pleasure that I hand across Duncan James Landscapes details. They are a brilliant company both in workmanship and morally as well. Get in touch and see for yourselves!

01483 684 001 / 07806 752 183


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