The Little Me

“The Little Me” 

For some of us lockdown has been a time for getting fit, learning a new language, baking exotic dishes that we have always wanted to try and for others it has just been having some down time from the usual fast paced rat race that is life.

A very good friend of mine had her first book published! I have known Gemma for over a decade and we really are very similar in so many aspects of our lives that I could not wait for her book to be released.

Amazon delivered the book on Tuesday evening and I had finished it by the end of that week, I could not put it down! To me, there is nothing better than a book I cannot put down. If I am honest in the past few years, I think I have been lazy on the reading front and I can get easily distracted by a new series on Netflix which is an awful thing to admit, but it is my truth, which is why I was so glad to have found a book that I could not wait to pick up again at the end of the day.

“A twisted real-life tale, we follow this modern Alice-in-delusionland, through her journey of self-discovery, learning to love the little her within, and learning to love her body again.”

Having struggled with mental health issues in the past as well as addictive behaviour patterns, this book was so relatable, Gemma made the emotions she was feeling into characters within the book, it made it so easy to identify with them.

The concept of Gemma’s “Little Me” as she re-connects with her inner child was so beautiful to read about, and such an important thing for each of us to be aware of. I learnt more from reading this book than I did in two years of counselling.

With her love of philosophy, phycology, neuroscience, mental health and influences from Lewis Carroll and Dr Seuss, Gemma has been able to put her own spin on turning a lot of baffling concepts into everyday language that is easily understood, that paired with the emotions as real characters within the book allowed me to empathise and identify with all these emotions that we feel on a day-to-day basis.

I have not met a writer who can evoke such childlike wonder and heartbreak in the same sentence as I have with Gemma. I can’t wait for you to dive into this wonderful world with her.” Ali Chambers Best selling Author of Mum’s Gay & Dad’s a Lesbian.

I really would recommend this book to everyone! It is such a relatable story of all of the emotions we feel as human beings on a daily basis and Gemma is so eloquent in dissecting them whilst  simultaneously weaving them into the story, it really was a great read.

To grab a copy please click the link below. 


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