Moorlands Lodge

   Moorlands Lodge, Hindhead Surrey. 

The first time I ever visited Moorlands lodge I knew there was something special about this place. They always say it take 15 seconds for you to make a first impression. Moorlands lodge did that!

I had arrived slightly early, so I was sat in the reception area waiting to have my meeting. As I was sat there one of the residents was going outside to check the weather to see if she needed a coat. The receptionist had said to this resident that it was chilly, and she might want to take an extra layer out with her. The resident replied, “I think I’m old enough to realise if I need a coat or not” less than 5 minutes later the resident was back inside and scurrying to get a coat, to which the receptionist remarked, “Well, I did try and warn you.” It was such a playful interaction and both women were laughing, it was a lovely thing to witness as soon as I had walked in through the door.

Just along from the reception area the residents have their own café. Here the residents can help themselves to tea and coffee and have a selection of cakes to choose from. They home also have an array of newspapers that the residents can read, so they can sit and have a coffee and read the paper, it really did feel like a calm costa!

As I sat in the café to the left of the café was a big annex area, this has big bay windows which allows the light in as well as giving the residents a good view of what is going on outside. The room has a selection of seats including some armchairs and a selection of board games that the residents can help themselves to. To the right of the café was a cosy living room library room. This room was decorated like an old country manor, with its big fireplace and tartan wallpaper the bookshelves were filled floor the ceiling with books that were available to read.

I was sat on my own for less than ten minutes and within that time I had interacted with three residents in the home, who came over to offer me cups of tea or just for a general chat, and each time one of the support workers walked past the residents would have a laugh and a joke with them and explain to me what they did within the home. All you can hear is chattering and laughter, the one thing that filled me with warmth was how much they do chat to each other. With all the conversations I heard it was both residents and support workers, asking after one another and remember what was going on for the individual. It had a real community feeling.

Within Moorlands lodge, they offer studio apartments, the apartments come with kitchenettes, and fridges. This allows the residents to maintain independence if they want hot drinks and snacks up in their apartment, but they also have the restaurant downstairs where they can eat their main meals. They studio apartments cater for both couples and single occupants. Some couples opt for the 1-bedroom apartment with a studio; therefore, they are in different rooms at night however have a communal living area to spend time together during the day.

All the apartments are there to be made to feel like a “Home from home” therefore furniture and pictures can be brought in from the resident’s home and put in their new apartment within Moorlands Lodge. It provides comfort as well as adding a familiar feeling to their new space. The apartments within Moorlands Lodge are considered the residents homes, and all members of staff knock before entering the apartments. The residents have their own space and homes, but as soon as they walk out of their apartments, they are in the community and have access to all of the things on offer for them, such as days out, the communal areas, activities and of course the café and library.

I was only there for a short time but in that time all I saw were smiles on the residents faces, jokes from the support workers mouths and a real sense of community within the air. It really is a lovely place and I am glad I took time to go and see what goes on and meet some of the residents!

01428 601 200

Portsmouth Road ,Hindhead, Surrey , GU26 6TJ


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