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EJ Body Fit

As one of our newest advertisers, I wanted to find out a bit more about Ella and her business. Ella’s work is mobile so I invited her to come to my house so that I could find out more.
Ella arrived and her energy was infectious as soon as she walked in! We started chatting about what the inspiration was behind EJ Body Fit. Ella explained that she was interested in anatomy for years before she started her professional journey. From the age of six Ella would walk around the Christmas dinner table giving all her family members shoulder massages.

Fast forward a few years, it was time for Ella to decide what she wanted to do as a career. After a two-year gap year Ella enrolled in college to start her journey as a personal trainer and a sports masseuse. Unfortunately, at that time Ella was struck with glandular fever, however Ella was determined and carried on studying at home, showing her drive and determination for her career.

After years of training Ella is now a fully licensed personal trainer, as well as being trained in massage and sports therapy massages. I am an active person and most weeks I take part in a couple of classes, these can be HIT training or circuits, as well as being at a desk for hours at a time I know that my upper back and shoulders carry a lot of tension. Ella had bought all her equipment with her and she gave me a neck, back and shoulder massage.
Before we began Ella asked me to sign a form to ensure I was fit and healthy for the massage.

Ella put on some lovely calming music as well as using some base oil to massage. Ella does not use essential oils as some people can have a reaction, therefore Ella uses a base oil that does not contain any additional chemicals or preservatives. The massage began and Ella was sure to ask me how the pressure was. In the past I have found that the knots can be painful when they are broken down. Ella made sure she worked around the knots so that the muscles were nice and warm before she started working on the problem areas, it made it a lot easier to work on the areas where it can be more sensitive.

The massage was brilliant, the pressure was perfect and as soon as it was finished, I could feel so much more movement in my shoulders and the top of my back and neck. It was lovely to find out more about Ella as well as her helping her sister who also sufferers with chronic back ache, which I could identify with as my Mum and sister also have bad back problems.

Ella put me at ease as soon as she walked through the door, her passion and knowledge in her field really are impressive. I will be booking in every month from now on as it was so nice and easy to get set up. If any of you are suffering in pain, or just want a nice massage to help you relax, especially those of you who are sat hunched over a desk all day, then please do give Ella a call, and it was so lovely being able to be in my own home and have it done, it made me feel even more relaxed.

Thank you, Ella!





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