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The VantagePoint team ventured out for a press lunch to celebrate another month done and all five magazines complied and off to the printers. This time we were off to The Guildford Spice for a nice warming curry, on what can only be described as a bitterly cold typical January day in England.

We arrived at the restaurant and the heating was put on above our table so that we could all de-thaw as we perused the menu. Sam, the manager came over and sat at the table with us to discuss what we were going to be experiencing at lunchtime.

Sam decided that he would serve several platters for us all to share, we would be able to sample a variety of the dishes as well as ensure “food envy” did not occur. He asked around the table to gauge the level of spice we could all handle as well as allowing us to find out a bit more history of the restaurant, which was opened by Sam’s father in 1963 and has since been a family run business with great values as well as being generous supporters of local charities.

To begin we had popadoms with a variety of chutneys. We had tamarin, mango, mixed onions and yoghurt. The popadoms came out fresh and dry and we all commented how nice and crisp they were without any excess grease.

For our starter platter we had Shahi Roti, a traditional sheek kebab rolled with thin pasty and served with a spicy sauce. An exclusive dish at The Guildford Spice. Alongside this was a prawn puree and a prawn pakura. Both dishes had fresh prawns and their consistencies varied, the puree being a of pastry, in contrast with the crispy texture of the pakura. This dish came with a very fresh side salad as well as a fresh lemon equipped with a contraception to ensure you could squeeze the lemon without getting the juice anywhere, other than on your plate.

The main event followed shortly afterwards. We had a king prawn dupiaza which was amazing, fresh fish which was presented in a fish shape. We also had butter chicken, which was creamy and mild but with a hint of subtle spices. We also had “Chom Chom lamb” served with sweet and sour sauce and hot naga pickle, we had korai chicken which came out sizzling on a slate and served with green peppers, onion tomato and fresh spices. We were treated to another Guildford Spice exclusive dish. Lamb Osamni, tender lamb with chilli and pickles, created in 1997 and has since been a firm favorite within the restaurant, not just for the customers but also for the chefs to prepare.

Our mains were served with pilau and mushroom rice. We had sag aloo and a variety of naam breads, garlic and cheese, chilli and peshwari naans, served warm and fresh.

At the end of the meal all the kitchen team came out and spoke to us about which meals were their favorite to create as well as informing us they have been cooking the original recipes for over 10 years now.

The feast ended with a cup of Indian chai, on the menu is called masala tea. The tea was spiced, the flavor was like rice pudding and is brewed for over an hour and a half to ensure all the spices are infused within the drink before you drink it.

It was a lovely meal and we left full and satisfied. Please keep an eye out for your Guildford editions of VantagePoint over the next few months to see some GREAT offers The Guildford Spice are running.

The Guildford Spice- 01483 572 572 


52a Chertsey Street, Guildford, GU1 4HD   




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