Another Amazing Holiday

St James Club, Antigua. 

As some of you might remember, I went on the holiday of a lifetime last January. Many of you commented on how amazing it looked, how much you all wanted to go, and if I’m honest, the holiday blues from that holiday lasted longer than ever.
We had been well and truly spoilt with the two weeks in the Maldives, and myself and my family were concerned that we would never find a destination like it again…talk about first world problems!

Having all been born and raised in Kenya, myself, my sister and my Mum enjoy the tropics, we are not a family of skiers, we aren’t overly keen on art galleries or big cities, in all honesty, stick us on a beach in the sun with a drink in our hand and we are three happy ladies.

My mother had spent a year in Barbados so she already knew she loved the Caribbean, but did not want to go back again, as she was worried how much it would have changed since 1978. It was time to call Mr Chant!

We knew we wanted to go to the Caribbean, and we wanted to go in January, and we left it in the VERY capable hands of Tony. Tony was back in touch a couple of days later with a suggestion of where to stay as well as informing us of all the activities and excursions that are offered.

We were off to St. James Club in Antigua. Tony sorted out my mothers assisted travel again, so that was one less thing we had to think about. We were booked onto the ground floor of the accommodation, to cater for the various disabilities that unfortunately come on holiday as well.
The resort Tony chose was perfect for us. We had 5 restaurants to choose from on site, as well as several swimming pools, both child and adult friendly. As soon as we arrived, we were led into our room which had a panoramic view of the bay, in our room was a brochure of all the amazing sites and history that Antigua has.

The next day we hired a car and went out an explored the whole Island…all 13 miles of it! For such a small Island it really is rich is history, culture, natural beauty as well as being home to 365 beaches, that is one beach a day to visit and it would take a whole year!
Whilst we were out and about we heard of Stingray City, which are some sand bars in the ocean, and it is home to thousands of sting ray, who are very friendly swim right up to the sand bars and are very happy to pose for photos with tourists, in exchange for a bit of squid supplied by the team of Stingray City, who know the fevers of Stingrays from visiting the sand bars most days.

Throughout the holiday we took the car out for a few more days, we went up to Shirley Heights, the renowned, stunning lookout point, that boasts an impressive VantagePoint above the English Harbour, which is home to hundreds of very expensive boats, yachts and other vessels that folk can only dream of owning!

We explored several bays and beaches, as well as venturing into the Capital of St, Johns, where we ran into a rather bad traffic jam… some donkeys had decided they were stopping for lunch on the side of the road, of course.

When we weren’t out and about on the road, we spent our days at the resort. We were able to relax at the adults only pool, which is situated right by the bay and therefore had a lovely breeze throughout the day, I took part in a few water sports activities. Paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling to name but a few.

St James’ club also had a spa that myself and my sister had to visit, all for research purposes of course! We each had an hour long massage as they were running a new year deal where you can get an hour and pay for half an hour, so it would have been rude not to. The massages took place out on a terrace, again this panoramic views of the bay below, so as I had my massage I could hear the waves gently lapping the on the beach below, as well as feeling a gentle breeze. It was a pure oasis.

After 10 days of bliss, it was time for us to venture home, we had to book an extra wheelchair for the way back and Tony was straight on the phone to the airline to make sure this was done before we had even left for the airport. Our flight was also delayed by a couple of hours on the way back, again Tony was straight in contact to make sure we were all alright.

It is these small touches that make all the difference to your holiday.

This is the second year in a row we have asked Tony to help us with our holiday and I wouldn’t feel as calm letting anyone else look after us now. Tony takes all the stress out of price comparison sites and he keeps you informed every step of the way. He is professional yet approachable and listens to aspects that will make the holiday right for you. No matter how short a trip you want, Travel Tony is the man you need to chat to.

Book with Travel Tony for the holiday experience you will remember for all the right reasons!

Please do get in touch and see what he can do for you.

01428 748440


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