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The Luxury Touch.

As a premium beauty & wellness provider in Surrey, with over 17 years’ experience working with Top A-List celebrities worldwide, specialising in Anti-Ageing Facials, Problematic Skins, Slimming, Detox and Body Contouring. Using the multi award-winning brand, Pevonia Botanica, which is 100% natural, green and animal cruelty free, guaranteed the optimum result. I was in dire need of a visit to The Luxury Touch.

As a female in my early thirties I am prone to a breakout every now and then and I can’t stand it! I find myself feeling very self-conscious about it, and almost over compensating and constantly washing my face desperate for my face to clear up as soon as possible.

I have always thought my skin was too oily to put any product on it. I was soon to find out this was not the case at all. Cindy was quick to tell me, if you have oily skin it is because it needs moisture so it becomes oily to try and hydrate it. I could not believe in my 30 years I had assumed that my skin was too hydrated and oily, whereas in actual fact it was crying out for moisture.

Cindy began by asking me what I would like to get out of my treatment. I explained I would like to get the break outs under control as well as sort out the oiliness of my skin. Cindy analysed my skin and then go to work using a range of Pevonia’s range of products. She thoroughly cleansed my face and after that was removed applied a gel, and with the help of a steamer the gel opens and penetrates the pores.

Cindy then moved on to the extraction part of my facial. It was amazing how many pores Cindy found that she could extract and get all the muck out of. She really did take her time and was very thorough to ensure she had got all of them. I felt like my skin could finally breathe again, it was almost as if I had been wandering around with cling film wrapped around my head for the past few years.

After the extraction was over Cindy used a number of products on my face, from a cleanser to a refine cream, as well as a micro pore scrub. Cindy was nice enough to send me away with some samples so that I could try them at home for a few days after my treatment. I tried it for 2 days before I messaged her with a list of all of the products she used on my face. It has only been a week since my treatment but my skin feels so much better already. All of the products contain active ingredients, working at their best.  The results, still visible a few days later (fresher complexion, smoother and brighter skin)

Cindy was still not finished with me, after all of the treatments I had experienced thus far, the last thing was the best head massage I have ever experienced, it took a lot of will power to stop myself nodding off. The treatment room is so cosy and relaxing, with an aroma of different oils as well as lovely dim lighting. Yes, it’s possible you could find a salon offering less expensive treatments, but will they be of this quality?

It was a brilliant experience from start to finish and I cannot recommend Cindy enough. Get in touch and see what she can offer you. Keep an eye out on our facebook page to see the before and after of my personal journey!

t: 01483 527 524   m: 0747 000 1966

11A Latimer Road, Godalming GU7 1BL


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