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Steve Markwell

Liz and I started Winning with Words in December 2017 to help people present with clarity and persuasion. We had met so many professionals with lots of talent and ability who struggled to get their message across in face to face situations. Many were extremely nervous about speaking in public, particularly to large groups, but also one on one. This anxiety created a roadblock to their success.

Here is a brief introduction to who we are: We both developed our presentation skills through our professional careers, and we used this experience as the basis for the Winning with Words programme.

Liz has a BA in French and Psychology from the University of Keele, a PGCE from the University of Newcastle and an MBA from York University in Ontario. She has taught children and adults in the UK, the Netherlands, France and Canada. Following her MBA studies, Liz moved into Arts Management, holding a senior position at the Canadian Opera Company, before returning to the United Kingdom to run the Guildford Institute. Most recently Liz worked with Steve at Silent Pool Distillers, co-managing the successful expansion of their revenue generating Events programme, before leaving to set up Winning with Words.

Liz and Steve Markwell

Steve has a BA in History and American Studies from the University of Keele. He then held increasingly senior international roles in Marketing, Sales and General Management with a number of major US companies. These included Procter and Gamble, Playtex, Ray-Ban Eyewear, Remington Electrical Products and the A T Cross Luxury Goods Company. Presenting persuasively is Steve’s stock in trade: his work included the preparation and delivery of presentations leading to the successful sale of Ray-Ban and Remington to new acquirers. Most recently Steve has balanced his corporate experience working with the local successful start- up Silent Pool Distillers. Steve has helped young professionals develop their CVs and present them in a successful manner.

At Winning with Words, we have developed core programmes which have proved successful with companies and local professionals. Before working with an organisation, we work to understand their needs, and we tailor our material to suit those needs.

We have a number of core principles in our coaching. We take pride in our professionalism and passion for our subject. We know learning has to be fun and interactive.  Knowing Your Audience is a key section of our teaching programme, so we work very hard to get to know our audience, and address them in a way they will respond to. Relevant stories and relevant humour are both key elements of successful presentation. We use them in our teaching modules.

Do please check us out on , and we would be happy to come and meet with you and chat more about what we can offer.

Our next seminar is at ActivZone gym March 3. Book at 01483 448666


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